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Dr. Diana Naddeo and Dr. Mary Murphy have worked together since 2015. The idea for a joint group practice came to fruition when they became increasingly frustrated by the lack of providers in the area to treat children and families. With the creation of the Center for Assessment and Psychotherapy (CAP) a larger group practice was formed to reach more people within a setting focused on supporting healthy children and families. All providers at the center have specialized training and experience working with children or parents.

Both Dr. Naddeo and Dr. Murphy have expertise in psychological testing. Using a unique team based approach patients are evaluated often by multiple providers and conferences are held with all providers to discuss and determine appropriate diagnoses and treatment recommendations.

Dr. Naddeo and Dr. Murphy also both teach as adjunct faculty at Western Connecticut State University in the graduate school. They share a commitment not only to helping each of their individual patients but also to the training of new student therapists to mentor them as they enter the workforce for the first time.

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